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Title Location Description Status
Tele-Specialist Urban or Rural locations acceptable We are looking for people with an ag background and exceptional communication and phone skills to fill our Telespecialists spots, some of the responsibilities are: communication with growers, computer knowledgeable, flexible schedule, attentive to key project details and goals, communicate professionally with growers and retailers, collect project data. Join
CropInspectors Canada, Prairies, Ontario, Quebec AgCall is always looking for committed crop inspectors with or without experience to build on our team. We provide admin and management support and we provide field support and mentorship for new inspectors. Come join a great team of crop inspectors across Canada. Join
Field Trial Managers USA and Canada We are looking for people with extensive ag background to manage our field trial work in season, some of the responsibilities are but not limited too: Set up field trial protocol with participating growers, grower recruitment, exceptional communication skills, attention to detail and protocol objectives, flexible schedule, computer knowledgeable, complete multiple visits in season to collect data and grower feedback, report data on a timely basis. Join
Ag writers remote AgCall needs experienced people with a background and interest in Agriculture with writing experience to provide content to us and our clients projects. Please send us your resume and some examples of past writing and we will add you to our database. Join
Canola Commercial Trials Highway 16 corridor between Russell, MB and Saskatoon, SK. Set up plot protocol with participant growers, complete 3 visits to the plots in-season, collect data and grower’s feedback. Join

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AgCall Associates are experienced ag professionals that range from young, highly-educated professionals to seasoned veterans—farmers, ranchers, sales representatives, consultants, veterinarians, company executives, farm wives, retirees, and more. Contact Pat Butcher today to find out how you can become an AgCall Associate.

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We have long-term and short-term projects going on throughout the year that can accommodate any schedule and give you the flexibility to keep up with your family, farm, or business, or just enjoy retirement.


Whether you're comfortable conducting surveys on the phone or handling a performance inquiry in the field, we manage a variety of projects to suit any skill set, and no two projects are exactly alike.

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Our Associates are critical to our success. We believe in compensating them well for their time and talent, and rewarding top-notch performance with competitive pay and bonuses.